Three Simple Features a Web to Print Solution Needs

With the increasingly widespread use of technology and the ever-expanding repertoire of capabilities it offers, web to print solutions are becoming more and more popular. However, not all of them are created equal, and if you want a good web to print solution to use or to offer others, you should look for these three features.

  • It Should Have a Reasonable Amount of Features, Not a Ridiculous Amount

The majority of people would probably take a handful of well-developed, useful, and user-friendly features over dozens and dozens of features that are not well designed and are unlikely to be needed anyway. Web to print solutions already have the potential to be confusing and complex, and adding a sloppy, endless list of semi-useful at best features isn’t going to inspire much confidence in potential users.

From a user’s perspective, if you’re looking for a solid web to print solution, you’re better off going with one that offers fewer features but is neater, better designed, and has features that you’ll actually use. If the excess stuff isn’t going to help you, there’s no point in having it around.

  • It Should Be Easy to Use

Before you start using any given web to print solution, make sure it’s easy to understand and use. After all, the main appeal of web to print solutions is that they allow brands and companies to standardize their marketing. Therefore, web to print solutions should not require hours of trial and effort and tinkering to master.

Review the customization, visitor flow, and ordering system of a web to print solution prior to adopting it. If you’re offering a web to print solution to potential consumers, remember that a system that’s easy to use will probably be picked up even faster than a fancier, more comprehensive one with more features that’s impossible to use.

  • It Should Be Backed by a Solid Support System

No matter how user-friendly a web to print solution you pick out, there’s a good chance you’ll eventually run into something that stumps you. Make sure you get a web to print solution that offers you good customer service. If you can’t figure out how to use the web to print solution you pick out, having it at all becomes pointless. Some providers will demand that you complete some training before you start using the web to print solution. After all, if you never learn how to use it properly, you probably won’t be happy with it, and you won’t renew your contract, so giving training and support is in the provider’s best interest, too.

If at all possible, seek out a provider that handles the dirty work for you. If you can work it out so things like template design and troubleshooting aren’t your problem, you’ll have a much better and less stressful experience with your web to print solution.

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