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Premier Web to Print Solutions from Influence Print in NYC

Imagine if your company had its own private online print ordering website where all your employees could order company marketing materials, training materials, HR documents and more, and they could order in any quantities they needed and have those materials printed overnight and shipped the next day. Even better, imagine that your employees could log on to the site, pick a business card template, type in their personal information and “on the fly” the store generates a fully personalized business card that your employee can review, approve and order all in one sitting. THAT’s Web to Print! It’s what we do, AND we’re based right here in NYC.

Have Multiple Locations or Multiple Brands?

A little background of the process: if each of your company’s location/brands is ordering their marketing materials and business cards from different local vendors they’re probably getting different results. Have you been horrified to see a colleague’s printed business card where your logo is being used outside of your brand guidelines? With a privately branded (password protected) Web to Print storefront we can lock down the branding elements you don’t want anyone to be able to alter. Give employees the opportunity to personalize documents that will always adhere to corporate brand guidelines. Using our proprietary web to print technology we can help you achieve brand consistency across all your company’s printed materials!

Cut Admin Costs.

Perhaps equally important to maintaining brand consistency is cost savings. E-procurement through a web to print storefront shifts the transaction processing to the end users who actually use the purchased goods which frees up admin support personnel for strategic value-creation work. For example, one of the first things a new hire typically needs is business cards.

The current process in many organizations might look like this:

  • Put in a written request for new business cards and forward that request to an admin support person.
  • The support person makes a request of the graphics department to create a new business card file. When the file has been created a pdf is emailed to the admin support person for approval
  • Once approved the graphics department forwards the file to the print vendor along with billing information
  • The print vendor receives the file and prints the cards and ships them to the admin support person. An invoice is generated and put in the mail.
  • The admin support person sends an email to the new employee informing them the cards are ready for pickup. When the invoice arrives it is processed for payment
Typical time to process = 5-7 days; Employee “touch points” = 9

The process using a web to print storefront would look like this:

  • Employee logs into the web to print store front
  • Selects the appropriate template and fills in his/her personal information
  • The systems generates an online proof which the employee approves
  • Employee checks out using company credit card or “on account”
  • The print vendor receives the order, prints the cards and ships next day.
Typical time to process = 24 hours; Employee “touch points” = 1

Contact one of our production specialists at (646) 571-0002 to see a live demonstration of our web to print, online print ordering management system.