Variable Data Printing

Personalize Your Message with Variable Data Printing – World Class Variable Data Digital Printing in New York

Influence Print offers variable data printing to help you personalize your message to your customers. Because we are digital and don’t use static plates to print your documents we have the ability to personalize each and every copy of any document.

Research shows that typical response rates for regular static printed direct mail is well under 2 percent. With targeted, variable data printing however, response rates tend to jump to nearly 14 percent (often even higher). As a direct marketing tool, variable data printing can deliver better qualified prospects and higher profits to your variable data printing new yorkbusiness. By using the demographic information you have on your prospective customers (age, education, hometown, gender, etc.) , we can develop highly targeted brochures, postcards, newsletters and other direct mail printing that recipients will respond to.

Known as “one to one marketing”, variable data printing creates one personalized document for one individual customer, one at a time. Digital printing makes this possible because there are no plates required in the digital printing process. On our HP Indigo digital press, a series of lasers constantly create a new latent image on a drum for each copy of a document that is printing. That allows each document to be unique. Whether it’s 100 or 5,000 copies each will speak directly to your potential customer and send a message that you are in tune with your customers.

Feel free to contact one of our production specialists at (646) 571-0002 for more information on your next variable data printing project in NYC.