On Demand Printing


World Class On-Demand Printing in NYC.

On Demand Printing = Just in Time Inventory.

Print on demand (POD) is a concept within the printing industry in which documents are not printed until such time as they are actually needed. In the past, offset printing technology required a large upfront expense of making printing plates and getting the press ready to print. The economics of this dictated that, once the press was set up to run your document, it was more cost effective to print a large quantity of a document, warehouse them and then pull copies from inventory as necessary. With the advent of high quality digital printing equipment the lead time and up-front costs necessary to get documents printed has been greatly reduced.

With Print on Demand, an order is placed for printing, a limited quantity of documents that are required for immediate purposes. When that quantity of documents has been depleted the customer can simply order another batch. One of the great benefits of Print on Demand is it allows the customer to update their documents between each batch of printing. For example, if a competitor comes out with a new product or service offering and you want to respond to that marketing challenge you can alter your document to remain competitive before you order your next batch of printing.

For larger customers who have the need to allow employees in multiple locations to order the same/similar documents we offer privately branded web-to-print websites. These password protected web “stores” allow us to post all of a customer’s documents online and allows authorized employees to log in and order any quantity of printing for any of the documents in the “store”. The documents are generally printed overnight and delivered by courier within 48 hours (customers in New York City we can deliver via messenger).

Feel free to contact one of our production specialists at (646) 571-0002 for more information on on demand printing in NYC.