World Class Lamination Services in NYC

Our lamination department uses both hot and cold laminate products depending on which is the most appropriate for your application. We even offer a laminate product that allows you to use dry erase markers on it.

Commonly-requested items:

  • Booklet Covers
  • Brochure Covers
  • Presentation Covers
  • Direct Mail
  • Posters
  • Event ID Cards
  • Restaurant Menus
  • Reference Cards

Note: It is much more cost-effective for us to offer printing and lamination at the same time for our customers, rather than laminating existing materials. Please call us and we will figure out the best option for your needs.

Laminating your finished printed materials offers two benefits. First it offers protection from scratches, moisture, fading from sunlight and give the product a longer shelf life. Secondly it can enhance the look of your prints by intensifying the colors in the document as well as giving it a glossy or matte (depending on which style of lamination material is used) appearance.

If you have a printing project that you want to make sure holds up over time consider having it laminated so it looks sharp days, weeks, months later!

Feel free to contact one of our production specialists at (646) 571-0002 and see how we can positively “Influence” your next lamination project in New York City.