Green Printing


World Class Environmentally-Friendly Printing

Being environmentally-conscious is more important than ever. Look up pictures of New York’s terrible pollution in the late 1800′s or current pictures from Beijing China– it’s obvious that certain technologies at a certain scale are unsustainable. In the U.S. we’ve been quite decent at managing industrial growth along with sustainability, but we’re still far behind where we should be. Company’s large and small need to increase their efforts to be environmentally friendly and use sustainable resources. The good news is that digital printing is inherently “green”!

Printing at our shop means employing technology that does not consume or emit hazardous materials while at the same time generates little or no waste. Unlike offset printing which uses inks that contain harmful compounds, our digital presses use inks that are free of any environmentally damaging materials. Furthermore, digital printing, by the very nature of it, generates almost no waste. Digital presses don’t require “make ready” paper waste in order to get up to color. The first print off our presses is as perfect as the rest.

Being Green for us means choosing paper stocks manufactured using recycled papers. Over 85% of the paper we stock in our production facility incorporates anywhere from 15% to 100% post-consumer waste in the manufacturing process. By taking advantage of short run, on demand printing, you can reduce the amount of outdated printed materials that get discarded into landfills.

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