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World Class Banner Printing in NYC

Whether you’re a store or company in need of some outdoor advertising, an organization in need of step-and-repeat banners for your event, or a party thrower looking for a little extra flair for that retirement or birthday gathering, a large printed vinyl banner can do the trick! When designed correctly, banners are eye-catching and attract much attention.

We want to thank all of our great customers over the years- Influence Print is honored to have been selected by Printing News as among the top 60 wide-format and signage printers in the US for 2016!

Some tips from our graphic designers, Chris and Eddie:

new-york-printing-company-stagg“The best advice for banner printing is to choose the size of your sign before the design process. Creating an ad and trying to fit the agreed-upon copy and graphics on an certain banner size can result in banner stretching, cropping, or other sizing issues. When choosing a size, keep in mind the distance of your intended viewing audience – you want your product to be seen and read. A banner that’s too small will be illegible across a parking lot, but a banner sign hanging on a wall inside a shop probably doesn’t need to be the largest size available.”

“Influence Print recommends keeping your banner designs fairly simple. Excessive flashy images or gradients can result in unwanted lines or distortions. Meanwhile, banners that are too cluttered or busy with text or extreme colors can be hard for people to read, resulting in a loss of your message. As an example, most people have experienced the odd difficulty in reading blue neon signs at night from a distance without squinting. Don’t worry it’s not your eyes that are bad! (Your eyes are experiencing chromatic aberration similar to how a camera would behave.)

“We suggest that you consider methods of hanging early on in the banner design/printing process. Vinyl banners are strong, but simply tacking one to the outside of your store could result in damage or loss in the event of a windstorm. The best bet is to print banners that have grommets to aid in hanging, and use a more hearty method of attachment.”

At Influence Print NYC, we design and print banners of all sizes and in a variety of materials, including paper, cloth, vinyl, canvas, adhesive backed, mesh, and acetate. Influence is able to accommodate most any method of hanging, with grommets to hang available on all banner types and a variety of hardware options available.

Our digital printing capabilities allow us deliver a top quality banner cheaper than the competition and quicker, too – Influence Print has one of the fastest turnaround times in the NYC area, and we also offer rush shipping. So, whether you need an attention-grabbing sign for your store front, a vivid standee with a special message, or just something to go up on the wall, consider Influence Print NYC your banner printing headquarters!

Speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable production specialists at (646) 571-0002 and see how we can make a positive “Influence” your next banner printing project.