World-Class Newsletter Printing in the Heart of NYC

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Newsletters are excellent for:
  • Company or Organizational News
  • New Product Information
  • Fundraising
  • Raising Awareness
  • Employee Relations
  • Educating Customers
  • Internal Communications

Newsletter Sizes and Paper Material:

If all your content can fit on four pages, then your newsletter can simply be a folded 11 x 17 sheet. If you need more pages in your newsletter, then you’ll need to move to a multi page saddle stitched book. If you plan on mailing the newsletter through the US Postal Service, you’ll need to have the recipient’s name and address ink jetted onto the newsletter, and the newsletter itself will need to be wafer sealed in order to keep it closed while traveling through the mail system.

You’ll also need to think about what kind of paper you’d like the newsletter printed on. Do you want a coded stock, or uncoated paper stock? Coated stock will have a smoother and more glossy look and feel, whereas uncoated stocks have a slightly rougher feel, and are closer in appearance to letterhead or stationary. Now an exciting other option is to include variable data printing into your newsletter. This allows you to personalize each newsletter for every single recipient. While you’ve all probably received a piece of personalized mail before, and seen your name printed in big letters, there’s actually much more to variable data printing. It is possible to design a newsletter where the actual content of the newsletter changes depending on which content is most appropriate for the demographic of each recipient.

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Printed newsletters VS emailed newsletters:

While there’s certainly a place for email newsletters, the actually read rate for them is very poor, with most of the emails being deleted without anyone ever looking at the newsletter. Printed materials in general have a higher perceived value than emailed materials. Ask yourself what value you place on receiving an e-card for your birthday, versus receiving a real printed birthday card in the mail.

Printed newsletters have a distinct advantage in that they are actual pieces of paper that are much harder to ignore. Of course printed newsletters are more expensive to produce and mail, but if your success depends on getting your message out to your constituents, then you really want to consider printing actual newsletters. Printing and mailing may be more costly up front, but a properly produced printed newsletter is much more likely to be read by people who are otherwise overwhelmed by online media. The bottom line is, if your goal is to retain customers, gain new ones, or to communicate more effectively to your audience, printed newsletters are your best choice.