Fashion Look books

We offer world-class lookbook printing and binding in the heart of NYC, ensuring that your project is beautiful & delivered to you 100% on-time! See below for a small collection of our example projects:

Recent projects include:

  • Jewelry look books
  • Lingerie look books
  • Outerwear look books
  • Footwear look books
  • Handbag look books
  • Headwear/Hat look books
  • Watch look books
  • Eyeglass look books

Our razor-focused team will work with you to showcase your line in the best light possible and wow your buyers, agents and distributors. See our Digital Printing page for more information on our processes and accolades.

Give us a call and speak to one of our production specialists who can offer ideas on how to make your look book project stand!


look book is a collection of photographs assembled to show off a new line of fashion apparel. Look books are the equivalent of an artist portfolio and give businesses in the garment (and other) industries the ability to showcase their lines in a visually pleasing manner. It is very common for a fashion line to print a new look book for each season. Sometimes these look books are used by store buyers to help them decide which items to carry in their stores.

Look books give viewers ideas on how to style outfits, or to show how the latest fashions might be coordinated with other fashion items.   High quality look book printing is very important in promoting your brand. It starts with high quality photography and a good layout design. Once that’s in place you’ll want the highest quality printing you can find as the quality of the digital press it’s printed on can make a big difference in the final look and feel of your document. A well designed and printed look book can make the difference between a highly successful fashion season and a mediocre one.