nyc flyer


A flyer (or flier), can also be called a circular or leaflet, and it’s a printed paper advertisement usually intended for wide distribution in a public place or through the mail.

Flyers may be used by individuals, businesses, or organizations to:

  • Promote a good or service, such as a restaurant, personal care facility or nightclub.
  • Encourage or promote a religious, or political message.
  • Recruit new members to an organization
  • Advertise an event such as a concert, community event, or political rally

Like postcards, pamphlets and small posters, flyers are a low-cost form of mass marketing. Flyers are inexpensive to produce and typically printed on lower cost paper such as 80# text. If your business or event wants to reach out to the masses with news about a happening consider printing your flcyer with Influence Print. Our digital presses allow fast turnaround, high quality flyers to be printed in quantities that match your needs.

Give us a call and let one of our flyer printing specialists review the options available with your flyer project.