Direct Mail

Direct Mail is more effective than you think

You receive them every day in your mail box. Postcards or flyers that are promoting everything from real estate listings and landscapers to dentist appointment reminders or your favorite store notifying you about a special sale going on. Direct mail printing reaches directly into homes and while it might have a relatively low response rate it is a relatively inexpensive and effective marketing tool for local businesses. When variable data printing is incorporated into direct mail the response rates increase dramatically.

Personalizing direct mail marketing helps to catch the recipient’s eye amongst the clutter of bills, magazines and other US Postal Service mail that gets stuffed into people’s mailboxes. Personalization can include simply printing the recipient’s name but increasingly marketers are turning to “one to one marketing” where the entire contents of a direct mail piece is customized to target the individual specifically.

For instance if a person visits a new car dealer and expresses an interest in a particular car the dealer might have the potential buyer fill out a short questionnaire about themselves (often tied to a free offer). A few days later a personalized direct mail brochure will show up in the buyers mail box customized with the information the buyer gave the deal. The direct mail brochure may show a picture of a 50 year old woman (age range given by buyer) looking at a model X car (model of car buyer expressed interest in) and the copy in the brochure may taut the gas mileage benefits of the model car she was looking at (buyers response to question about what she was looking for most in a new car). This “one to one” brochure is digitally printed overnight and composed from a database of possible content stored on a server and automatically inserted in the brochure layout. Because we are a digital printer we can offer short run direct mail printing which allows you to test market your pitch and keep refining your message or offer till you feel ready for a mass mailing. Once you are ready with the final version of your direct mail campaign we can advise you on whether digital or offset printing is the most economical for the size of your campaign.

Give us a call and speak with one of our direct mail experts who can discuss all the options available to you to help make your direct mail campaign a huge success!