Let us be your full-time brochure printing provider

Brochures are a mainstay of most businesses. When you have a customer standing in front of you it’s hard to hold their attention for long while giving out detailed information about your product or service. Handing a potential customer a well-designed brochure about your company or product allows them to take the brochure back to their home or office and read it at their leisure. It also gives them something to reference back to as they take time making their decision about whether to do business with your company.


If you run a New York City based business, you know how competitive the NYC business environment can be. You need every competitive edge you can get. Start by developing a brochure with clear and concisely written copy, some professional photographs, great layout design and high quality printing by Influence Print. And when it comes to high quality printing remember that not all digital presses offer the same level of quality printing. Our HP Indigo digital printing presses offer significantly superior quality over other printing devices. The Indigo press is the only digital press that uses actual inks (as opposed to toner) that are transferred to the paper. The quality (or lack thereof) of your printed brochure speaks volumes about you and your business. So it’s important to select a NYC printer with the highest quality capabilities possible.

Since we are a digital print shop we can print your brochures in any quantity you need. We specialize in short run printing. Only need 50 copies?, 500 copies?, 5,000 copies? No problem. Need them overnight? Rush printing is not an issue for us! And since we’re located here in New York City our fleet of in house messengers can deliver your finished brochures in minutes.

Speak with one of our production specialists at (646) 571-0002 and see how we can positively “Influence” your next Brochure printing project.