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We offer a wide range of styles of brochures, and brochures are one of our most-frequently ordered products. Whatever style you need, we can deliver! And we deliver 100% on-time!

  • single fold
  • tri fold or letter fold
  • tent fold
  • gate fold
  • accordion fold
  • roll fold or barrel fold
  • parallel fold
  • saddle stitched
  • perfect bound
  • spiral bound
  • Wiro bound
  • GBC bound
  • Stapled brochures

We are happy to offer the most advanced digital printing presses available in order to deliver amazing results with out brochures to help you reach your goals, all at an affordable price.  Not all digital presses offer the same level of quality (we have invested several million Dollars into our HP Indigo machines which offer outstanding quality, speed and use actual inks (as opposed to toner).

We can print your brochures in any quantity you need. Only need 50 copies? 500 copies? 5,000 copies? No problem. Need them overnight? Rush printing is not an issue for us! And since we’re located here in New York City our fleet of in house messengers can deliver your finished brochures in minutes.

We offer overnight, rush printing so you can submit your order today and pick up your brochures the next day at Influence Print’s convenient, midtown Manhattan office.

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Creating the Perfect Brochure

Sizes and Pages

Brochures can come in many different sizes and styles, but the most common size we see is a standard finish size of 8.5 x 11. That’s because and 8.5  x 11 finish size is just an 11 x 17 sheet of paper folded in half.

When print shops talk about brochures we always describe them by the number of pages in increments of four. That’s because an 11 x 17 in sheet will have four panels on it, two in the front, and two on the back. So in order to have a brochure with an even number of pages in it, it must be created in multiples of four. So here we have what’s called an eight pager, which includes a cover, and one interior spread.

Brochure Covers and Binding

Often customers will want a brochure where the cover is printed on a heavier paper stock than the interior pages. This gives the brochure a more professional feel. This style of brochure is sometimes described as a 12 pager plus cover, or a 16 pager plus cover. If a customer asks for the brochure to be printed using the same paper for both the cover and interior, we describe it as a self cover.

There is a limit to the number of pages a brochure can contain. It’s usually a factor of the type of booklet making equipment your print services provider uses, as well as the thickness of the paper stock you choose. All brochures are saddle stitched, which means that there are two staples along the center edge of the brochure that hold it all together. Now if you imagine what a staple looks like when you take it out of the box, you know it’s a U shaped wire. Well if you imagine that those two prongs have to penetrate through all of the paper of your brochure, and then bend over to hold it in place, you can understand that the length of the staple defines how many pages you can have in your brochure. Some booklet making equipment accommodates slightly longer staples than others. We mention here that professional booklet making equipment like what we have doesn’t actually use staples, instead it uses rolls of wire that are cut and formed into staples as they’re needed.

Options and UV coating

Now a few other options that we’ve had customers ask us for are to include a fly out page, which is an extra panel that folds out to make a three panel spread. Another common request is to have one page in the brochure be perforated so that it can be torn out. This is useful for things like employee benefit enrollment brochures, where the employee needs to tear out an application form to be filled out and returned.

Finally, another common request we get is to UV coat the cover page. UV coating puts a protective layer on the outside of the cover so that it doesn’t get scratched as it’s being handled.. Once the brochure pages are printed, each page of the brochure is loaded into a hopper. We program the machine so it knows the exact number of pages there are in the document. The booklet maker machine loads one sheet from each hopper, slits the sides of the sheet to the correct width, puts a crease in each sheet so it folds better. Then assembles all the sheets, jogs them into alignment, and staples them. The machine then folds the stapled booklet in half, and a knife trims the face of the folded brochure to give it a clean finish. From there the books go to quality control, are shrinkwrapped, and are ready for delivery back to you.


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