Case Studies


Next flight out

Client: Major Wall Street Firm

Challenge: In the days leading up to a major pitch by the firms’ investment bankers we produced “pitch books” for the meeting with investors. The banker fedex’d the completed books to their client on the west coast the day before the meeting and hopped on a plane. While the banker was on the night flight we received a panicked phone call from his assistant alerting us that they had mistakenly sent the package to the wrong client. With the banker out of communication, decisions had to be made.

We immediately reprinted the books, called the airline and got a ticket for one of our employees for the next flight out. Before the assistant could get authorization for the expense our employee was airborne. We arranged a car service to meet our employee and whisk him to the client’s location. The book arrived with only minutes to spare before the meeting started. Needless to say the banker authorized the plane expense retroactively and communicated his heartfelt thanks for saving the deal.



Cleaning up someone else’s mess

Client: Event’s Company

Challenge: An events company was hosting a major event in Grand Central Terminal. Their usual large format vendor printed over 30 posters which were mounted on gatorboard and shipped to the location. When the shipment arrived it was opened and inspected. To the horror of the events company it was evident that the original vendor has printed and shipped the wrong posters. The event was scheduled for the following day so the events company needed a local New York City printer to redo the job.

We received a phone call around noon inquiring if we could reprint the job in time. We immediately assembled our staff and gave each person their marching orders. We had the entire job reprinted and delivered to Grand Central Terminal later that evening. The event went off without a hitch the next morning. We are now the event’s company’s soul vendor for all their large format work.



Javitz Center Trade Show Panic

Client: Internet Startup

Challenge: An internet startup company arrived in town to display their wares at a trade show at the Javitz Center. They set up their booth and didn’t know what kind of a reception they would receive about their new product. To their amazement the product was a gigantic hit and after the first day they realized they weren’t going to have enough printed brochures to hand out to interested parties.

The entrepreneurs contacted us late in the day requesting 1,000 brochures to be printed overnight. An easy job for us but a stressful time for the customer. Our staff sprinted into action and the next morning our driver met the entrepreneurs at the trade show with the completed job. Even though the company has their headquarters outside of New York City they still send all their print work to us!

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