Four Occasions Your Business May Need Banners Printed

Banners are a fantastic form of advertisement. They’re eye-catching and attention grabbing, and they’re absolutely perfect for special occasions. Granted, you don’t want to have banners printed off for every little thing your business does, because that can take away the surprise and excitement that they’re designed to create in your client base.

If you’re not sure when you should have banners made for your business, here are four occasions that banners are almost always perfect for.

  • Grand Openings

This is probably the most obvious and common reason to have a banner made, but it’s still a great one. If you’re a new business in town, particularly a small one that isn’t a franchise or part of a well-known chain, banners can be an effective way to bring people through your doors. Setting up banners in front of your building can draw more attention to you. Instead of walking right past your business, people will decide to drop in and see what you have to offer.

For grand openings, you can also see about setting up banners around town, not just over your exact location. Since they’re such an effective way of getting attention, the more you put up, the better you’re likely to do on opening day.

  • Backdrops for Videos and Photos

At some point in your professional career, you’ll probably need or want to take photos or shoot promotional videos to advertise your business. If you ever find yourself in this sort of situation, a high-quality banner with your business’s logo on it can both get your information across effectively and provide a professional backdrop for your photos or videos. That way, you’ll be advertising yourself while not having to make do with an awkward, distracting, or unprofessional background.

  • Promotions and Events

If you’re offering a huge clearance sale, hosting a holiday event, or having some other kind of major occasion, get the word out with a banner! You’ll also want to post the information about the event on your business’s social media, but you can’t rely on the internet alone. Not every potential customer will find their way to your business’s Facebook page. However, if you post a banner advertising the special occasion, you’re likely to bring in more passerby that may not have otherwise known what was going on.

  • Sponsorship

If you find yourself sponsoring an event, especially a charitable or a nonprofit one, you’ll definitely want to have a banner made for the event itself. It doesn’t need to be a super complex one—just a banner that advertises your business and mentions the fact that you’re a sponsor of the event. Potential customers will admire your generosity and gain awareness of your presence at the event and in general.

If you’ve decided to have a banner printed off, Influence Print can take care of it for you. They’re based in New York and staffed with creative, professional printers that can provide you with high-quality results for any printing job you may need.