Custom Printing in New York City

Every Print Project is a Unique, Custom Job to Us!

You’ve been working on your latest brochure for months.  You hired the best graphic designer you could afford.  You spent countless hours reviewing the copy to make sure it was just right.  You argued with your colleagues over which photos conveyed the best image of your company.  And now it’s time to print your brochure.  There was nothing cookie cutter about the process so far so what makes anyone think the printing of your brochure will not require custom printing?  At Influence Print we look at every single print project as unique and a custom printing project.  We know this is your baby, that you’ve labored over it for a long time and now as it moves into it’s final phase you’re not going to hand it off to just anyone.  At Influence Print we specialize in custom printing.  You give us your printing specifications and we will offer suggestions when appropriate, we’ll examine your files for potential issues and we’ll give you a firm price estimate before you job is started.

Your custom print project was not cookie cutter and neither will our printing be cookie cutter.  It doesn’t matter that your project has a unusual size or a unique fold. We study the client specifications on each job very carefully and our team applies their craft at each step of process to make sure what’s unique about your project becomes a reality.  Contrary to some other printers who only accept standard sizes and standard finishing options, here at Influence Print we embrace the uniqueness of our customers projects.

Give us a call and let us work with you on your next custom printing project.